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Craft at “Your side”. 
Experience the wisdom of traditional crafts.

Takigahara town, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. There is a community of people from various cultures and backgrounds.

A space where the old and the new are woven together. In a few renovated 100 year old houses, “Kogei / Craft weaves those elements together.

In Hokuriku area where Takigahara is located, there are lacquerware, washi paper, porcelain, and other traditional crafts have a diverse wisdom, and the spirit of craft is still
present in Takigahara.

“TAKIGAHARA CRAFT TOURISM” is a program that creates an authentic experience of learning about the craft work that exists near Takigahara's daily life, seeing it used and displayed, and using it as an actual tableware for meals.
We hope that TAKIGAHARA, a place of culture and livelihood, will become a catalyst for crafts that are passed down and preserved in Japan.


Experience only(Without tax)



Includes workshop, meals and accommodation. Other 
drinks will be charged separately

*体験プログラム、制作物及びアーティスト作品、地産地消の食事を含みます。ディナーメニューにペアリングするお酒以外(Moss BARでの飲食など)は別途、代金を頂戴しております。

Include staying(Without tax)



Available in private rooms at CRAFT&STAY, the Director's Suite, the Band Room and a HOUSE. It is also possible to stay at the Awazu Onsen Ryokan located near TAKIGAHARA. 



 TAKIGAHARA CRAFT TOURISM will be held every third Saturday and Sunday from April 2023, in the order of lacquerware, washi paper, and porcelain.Please ask for details when you make a reservation.

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